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Is it smart or just photogenic?

We all look at photos on Pinterest and think "that is the cutest thing I have ever seen, I absolutely have to have it!" But as an experienced wedding planners we can tell you what is pretty and what is functional.

1. Lets start off with a toast!

I can't count how many times I have looked a photo of champagne beautifully presented and dreamt about it being in my wedding. But the truth is, champagne needs to be served very shortly after being poured to maintain the bubbles and the temperature.

Absolutely beautiful, but not so practical. A champagne wall will not only lose the fizz if not made right before people walk by, but not everyone drinks champagne. You will be left with a bunch of wasted alcohol. Your photos will be gorgeous though!

Easy solution? We have a few.

Rather than getting a champagne wall, use a non carbonated drink or get a grazing wall.

A grazing wall is any foods. Its best to pick things that can be left out safely not being refrigerated or needing to stay too warm to be enjoyed. Great examples are donuts, charcuterie, bagels, pretzels, etc.

If you really love the classic look of the champagne tower, make it a part of your ceremony!

You still get the classically beautiful photos and tower, without the waste of people not being the champagne soon enough after being poured.

2. Evening by candle light

We all love the look of real lit candles, but I don't think I need to spell out the reason that best idea. For example, if you place them on the floor they can set the whole place on fire. They can get drug around by the veil or someone's coat. Someone could kick them over. If they are on the table, one too excited toast can take down the whole party.

Instead try using fake candles. You can find some pretty realistic ones online nowadays and they still look decent in photos. If you do still want to use real candles, make sure they are in a safe place, away from walkways, and there are plenty of people at the ready to deal with an accident. You can also put them in safer containers like lanterns!

3. The last one takes the cake

Let's be honest, not everyone loves cake. Every wedding I go to there is an absuberent amount of cake that is wasted. If you are planning on have a wedding that is an average size (100-150 people), get a 2 tier wedding cake with the design you like and then buy a sheet cake for the back. Maybe even invest in a dessert bar! It will look just a beautiful as the 3 to 5 tier cake, you can still do the cutting ceremony, and you still get to keep the top layer for your anniversary. No one cares what shape their cake slice is as long as it's tasty.

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