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Airplane Above the Clouds
Savannah + Austin-11.jpg

Savannah & Austin

On this page you will see photographs from their wedding, vendors that we recommend from this event, and get an idea of what we can do for you.


Savannah and Austin wanted a simple, French country wedding. The couple are both pilots and wanted an aviation vibe to it. The dress code was coctail formal. Their colors were blue, nudes, and hints of lavender and gold. With a budget of $35,000 plus family contributions, they were able to have a beautiful wedding of their dreams.

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360 Catering

Live Band

Brian Shuck

Photography & Videography

Brittany Ann Photography

Hair & Make Up

2Girls1Brush Beauty


Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

Florist & Décor

PS I Love You Events

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Savannah + Austin-20 (1).jpg
Savannah + Austin-35 (1).jpg
Savannah + Austin-75 (1).jpg
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Savannah + Austin-6 (2).jpg
Savannah + Austin-11 (1).jpg

Some FUN & UNIQUE Things This Couple Did

Savannah & Austin

  • Had a first look

  • Walked with one another both going down and leaving the aisle

  • Did not had bridesmaids or groomsmen

  • Had fish food to feed the koi fish

Savannah + Austin-38 (1).jpg
Savannah + Austin-53.jpg
Savannah + Austin-69.jpg
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