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How It Started

Really, our story started the same as most of those reading this; a boy and a girl fell in love. When they fell in love, two girls became sisters. That would be Peyton and Savannah. Savannah fell in love with Peyton's younger brother and the both of them not only daydreamed on how to execute the perfect wedding for them, but also went on to plan their parents, friends, and cousin's wedding. Savannah was immediately not only a sister to Peyton, but seen as a daughter, a cousin, a grandchild, and everything else family is supposed to be. Love brought them together, and love keeps them working to make everyone's day perfect. 

Meet the Owners

Our Team

Really, our family. 

These are the faces you might see setting up your event, serving you an hor 'derves, or just checking in to make sure you are enjoying yourself!


We put a lot of care into setting up each individual table, chair, cloth, and centerpiece. Let us show you some examples!





& More

Decorating Wedding Table
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