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Its giving... Jewel Tones

What is really awesome about jewel tone weddings is they can be dark and moody or light and airy. They give a beautiful, whimsical feel. The colors look beautiful with pretty much any skin tone. You are not tied down to any accent color, any style, or any flowers!

Wanna do Western feat. Jewel Tones?

Our suggestion, lean into the turquoise and mustard yellows for the main colors, but do not be scared of the other colors! Lean into the copper or golds. Texture is very important. Velvet is both western and beautiful/common with jewel tone weddings.

Describe your taste as more boho or eclectic?

Mixing textures and colors is exactly what a jewel tone wedding is about. You can also mix-match chairs, table clothes, cups, and other decor and it look completely intentional. Lace is also a great boho addition. Let the antique pieces lead the way.

An elegant take on jewel tones

Now I know what you're thinking, but you absolutely can do a high class and elegant jewel tone wedding. Tall taper candles, rich colors, lots of flowers, and a fancy venue. Anything can be elegant if you add the proper elegant touches, such as a great location, tasteful food (preferably non buffet).

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